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Common user questions and answered below;

Welcome to our FAQ page. From here you will find information for both sellers and buyers of our website.

As a lot of the products listed on this site is from sellers, please forward any questions to them via the products pages.

Sex Toy Auctions is an online auction site owned and operated by Into Love.

Into Love own and manage a number of adult stores location in Queensland, Australia. Visit our site at https://intolove.com.au
Sellers are required to register one of the memberships we have on offer. We offer a number of packages starting at Ruby ( for beginner sellers ) and going through to Diamond ( for hardcore sellers ).

All items listed on our auction platform are screened for illegal, harmful or offensive content. We reserve the right to refuse any listing at any time.

You are to ensure your items for sale are working and in brand new condition. The sale of used items is NOT permitted. Any returns or refund claims must be processed by you the seller, and we are not responsible, nor liable for faulty items.

We recommend all items be shipped with tracking to help alleviate any lost items.

Buyers are to pay to ship. Shipping costs will be listed at the bottom of each item for auction. Sellers may combine shipping for multiple items.

Membership payments must be made via direct deposit or via Paypal. You will not be able to list items until your membership fee has cleared our account.

We dont charge any other fees outside of the membership fees.
Buyers must follow the local law and ensure they are of legal age to purchase items off our platform.

This is your responsibility. If we deem a buyer to be underage or in breach of their local laws, we reserve the right to terminate your account.

You are buying from other members that have registered as Sellers on our auction site. Therefore, questions will be directed to and answered by sellers, not the website owners.

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